Bio-Medical Research Design Ltd. (B.R.D.)
קורס רגולציה בפיתוח תרופות ומוצרים ביוטכנולוגיים -יולי 2016
קורס אינטראקטיבי ב-4 מפגשים ובו סקירת הדרישות הרגולטוריות והאסטרטגיות לאישור תרופות ומוצרים ביולוגיים בארה"ב ואירופה. הקורס יקנה ידע ברמה הפרקטית והיישומית של הליכי מחקר ופיתוח מהשלב הפרה קליני דרך השלב הקליני ועד להגשת תיקי המוצר לבחינה ע"י הרשויות
Mission Statement
Our mission is to determine the consulting strengths required to provide creative and effective solutions to our customers' product development needs, from bench to clinic, to secure successful regulatory approval.
We shall endeavor to efficiently understand our client's specific needs and requirements and meet those requirements in the shortest time scale and highest quality standards.

We are committed to share our knowledge and expertise, through high quality professional services, based on a personal approach, to enable our customers to successfully compete in the regulated environment moving their innovation from an idea on a napkin to an approved valuable product on the market.
Professional Experience 
Dr. Moshe Neuman, Ph.D. serves as the president & CEO of Bio-Medical Research Design Ltd. (B.R.D) founded in 1998. I am bearing over Eighteen years of experience in the fields of pharmaceutical, medical device research & development, and regulatory compliance. My regulatory expertise includes both FDA, and EU/ICH regulations.
I obtained my Ph.D. in physiology and pharmacology from the Tel – Aviv University Medical School. As an academic research associate of the physiology and pharmacology department I gained a wide research background mainly in cardiovascular pharmacology (Development of new Antiarrhythmic, anti-hypertensive, and inotropic agents therapy).
Before that, at the Biological Research Institute, Nes Ziona, Israel and following my Ph.D. at many stages of my career I have been involved and participated as a study director, as well as a consultant in multiple pre-clinical efficacy research studies, PK and ADME studies in addition to toxicology studies and biocompatibility testing, using different animal models.
Following the establishment of the Clinical Research Unit at the Neufeld Cardiac Research Institute, Shiba Medical Center, I spent 3 years as the director of diverse medical and research programs in cardiovascular, respiratory, diabetics and oncology fields expanding my pre-clinical experience into the clinical trials industry - as a Clinical Research Associate and Clinical study coordinator for global pharmaceutical companies.
During my post doctorial fellowshipat CPI, Minneapolis, USA,I have got experience in the medical device field, as well as with the FDA QSR requirementsbeing involved in the R&D, technology transfer and the clinical testing of the new Implantable Defibrillator generation.
At present I am a member of the Medicinal Chemistry faculty of the Tel Aviv University, where I lecture the Biotechnology enterprising course.

On Time
Recent Assignment
Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Ltd. Was granted MOH approval to start clinical trial in ALS patients under the supervision of B.R.D. CRO.
All B.R.D. courses and seminars can be delivered as public courses or in house on-site training courses.
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